As I hold his hand softly.

He smiles at me
and holds on to mine.
We walk together everyday
Words are our only tool
For we both are blind.
It doesn't make life difficult for us 
since we have each other.
It's a blessing from above
How we've found each other.
He can read me as clear as crystal.
And I
Will forever cherish his warmth 
With his solid understanding of my world.
I only sense time together
Making us bond closer
As the years go by.
Gratefulness can't describe
This way I feel
How much he means to me
And I to him.
In hopes of many more years to come
 Fulfilled with joy and laughter.
Love is a miracle
For even we found 
A place 
In each others hearts.
Blindness shows no weakness.
For it brings out
Our carefree emotions
To love each other 
Love is never blind and
It never will be.
For we are living proof 
That love is meant to be
For everybody.