My heart is broken.

Lost in time.

Out of mind.


Time doesn't exist.

Air cant be breathed.


My silent solitude.

In these memories of you

I still keep them close to my heart.


My heart`s in disguise .

It can never tell you the truth.


All the needles that still remind inside.

Prickles my chest from time to time.

These memories of you still taunt me.


I guess it never left me.


I will never be able to show these true colors to you.

You've done so much to put me down.


No words can express this guilt.

This distorted image you gave me of my self.


I had to take the fall for you.


I can never forget what you did.

And you will never come clean with honesty. 


Thank you for shattering my self esteem and everything in between.


The truth can never be spoken because of you.