I`ve already let go of my heart.

You gave me no other choice.


You always crushed my faith in life 

So unpredictably 

You were able to shatter by dreams

Without saying a word.


The silent presence of you was enough to kill me.


You`ll never know that I kept our secret.


You`ve defeated me completely.


Yet my heart still beats heavily.


Filled with memories and emotions of you.


I want you to know.

But instead I decided to just let it go.


Let the past be left as a stain inside my heart.


So you will never know the truth.

What damage you put into me.


I`m speechless to speak to you.

Still in fear.


I`m already standing on higher ground.


Tears will always be shed from time to time because of you.

I already picked up the peaces you left for me.


Somehow I think I surpassed you.


I found a brighter light.

I found myself again.