Like glass.
He saw right through me.


Right down to my core-
Where everything was in pieces.


Lost with a fragile heart.


Verbally and emotionally abused.
Shunned from reality.


To bleed was her escape.
She had her words taken away one night.



Too distorted to have a mind of her own.


Selling herself to strangers.
She never left so numb.


The world was bleak.
She only lived in her shadow.
The memories of him.


She took her luck too far

She made a deal with life-

Choose the wrong path and you'll come face to face with Death.


Death came and took her soul.

'I love you' it whispered.

Silence enveloped her body.


Shattered in to pieces,

Naked on deaths bed.
She was cremated into a lost soul.


No number of cuts were enough
To take the agony away.


An imprint of her identity was sewn on to her heart.


How much longer will I have to remember?
How many times will I have to tell myself to 'just forget it'?


I can not seek revenge,
I mustn't let death win.


One day
I will have the power to kill off the memories of you.


i will keep living.

Give hope to others.


I will create poetry

from this reality you've given me.

will break this silence

which you've permanently stitched in to me

and made a part of my life.