I just had a bad moment, into my past. The night I was taken advantage of by an acquaintance I knew back then.

I remembered his words as he had his way with me and so on.

I held back tears and feelings of hopelessness for a while, trying to repress it all. Telling myself its nothing, and that Im stronger than it is.

In the end though, I had to cry.

But after the waves of him and the memories subsided. I knew I survived that night. I'm alive and well, even happy to be here, trying to achieve my personal goals throughout this life of mine.

I will occasionally have bad nights, maybe a few days even, but I understand now, that these feelings can try to haunt me, but I have grown in to a stronger being. I will and can have a life. I know he didn't take everything away from me, I still have my life, I'm still breathing.

I have the potential to live any life I want.

I can prove my old self wrong. 

It really does get better, and time does tell, in the end.

Ive grown and improved in many ways.

I have the freedom to live everyday however I please.

I hope to keep improving myself, so I can help others who struggle with sexual abuse.

I want my words to encourage and heal others.

I want to be kinder to myself too.

I will continue to live this life, helping people, and changing my self by gradually, and by reading others` inspiring words, of life, and strength. 
Words have, and will continue to shape me.