Lately I've been doing more random gigs and also regular ones. (e.g. lyrics translation from one of my main, and long-term clients).

Been working like crazy at the vets due to an employee suddenly leaving as well.
I'm really looking forward to whenever my vet shifts subside... 


But doing all these shifts also makes me appreciate my translation gigs even more.
And I know I will never take sitting down, drinking hot tea and relaxing despite not being able to be that social, for granted ever again. (not that I ever did).

While working all these shifts at the vets, It's made me realize just how much translation work suits me. 

I have the freedom to choose the gigs I want to do, and I get to work at any time of the day that I like. 
I have been thinking of trying to specialize in a field.
I'd LOVE to specialize in lyrics translation, but maybe this is too unrealistic, since I don't really have any degree from college, and solely experience translating lyrics now for maybe close to 2 years, and this is all thanks to a single client who I was fortunate enough to recieve an email from, asking if I can accept his awesome, dream-like gig. 

I also have some experience translating short stories and Japanese manga, so, I won't mind trying to specialize in this field either. 

More than anything, I would like to explore more gigs, and read a bit more as well, since I haven't been able to read that much these days.