A publishing company that publishes children's comic books in the US (i.e. Minecraft Series) messaged me via Fiverr last night, and asked me if I was interested in working with them. They then sent me a sample text of what I'd be working with, and I sent the translated text back to them today.
 Still not sure if this will turn out to be a long-term gig, but, even if it's a short-term job, it'll still be great experience for me and it'll definitely expand my skills as a freelancer.

  It's getting much colder here in Nagoya, but luckily, besides my part-time job at the vet clinic once a week, ( my job there finishes for good at the end of December!) for the rest of the week, I get to stay indoors drinking hot tea, relaxing,  and work on my gigs. 

  Anywhere we move to in the future, ( or visit for vacation,  always take my work with me ) I won't have to worry about applying for boring waitressing jobs anymore. :p  

 Who knew you don't always need a college degree to be happy with your life!

I am so fuckin' content with my life. <3 
And to think this is my lifelong career now... :)