Feeling lost and alone
feeling unloved and abounded
You take the blade to your wrist one more time.

You lock yourself up in solitude.
Using the hurt
and replacing it with a sense of release.

I want to show you just how much you mean to me.
You are loved
and you always will be.

I want to guide you away from the depths of depression
I want to be there for you every day
every hour
every second.
Just to show you that you are thought of every waking moment.

You are never alone in this fight.
Let me be there for you to talk you out of suicide.

I want to show you all my love.
Reassure you that you don’t need to hurt yourself anymore.
I want to give you hope that this hell won’t last forever.

You’re strong.
And in time,
I believe you will make it out of this hellhole.
You are really stronger than you think.

And even if you push my away,
my love for you will never change.