I have been stuttering bad again. I`m so tired of this internal fight with it that I know i can never win, if I continue hating it...
But it is hard to not despise stuttering when all I get it negative reacts from it by other people..
Anyway, it`s still a long ways away, but, I have been considering college, of course, this time, I know I will have to wait to apply until we actually settle and move back to America, so it may take years for me to become a college student, but, I know others do the same, where they are 30 or older and go back to college to pursue things they love.
In a way, I am glad I havent yet spend billions of dollars on a college major that I ended up realising wasnt really for me, that ship has already sailed, thankfully, when I was just 18, after enrolling in to the veterinary school.

I`ve been thinking, my biggest fear in life, in my future, is speaking and stuttering on the job, in my career, in public when making new acquaintances, when going back to college and learning, and presenting reports in class..
Why not make it my goal to embrace it and be okay with it, by learning about my fear, about speech disorders.
I haven`t set this in stone, of being a college student again, of course, but, it`s an option I am considering in the future.