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Stained Glass Heart

My body is still stained
with the scent of you.

My mind is still affected
by your twisted words
and abuse.

Infected by your touch
and like glass
my body chips away at times.

You smile to yourself
knowing you just got
everything you wanted from me.

Now here I am
smiling to myself
knowing I have a far better life
than you ever will.

Your actions were brutal
but you will never keep me on the ground.

This stained glass heart
will never completely break.


The demons in my head
only fuel
my passion to write.


My safe haven
from everything
that sets me apart
from this life.


The one last thing
I have in my life
to save me from myself.


A single strand of hope
it lies within every one of us.


We only need to draw it out.
It’s hidden deep in our hearts
in the darkest places of our minds.


From the ashes
we can create aesthetic poetry.


November <3 
Best time of the year to drink hot tea, read books, write poetry or on your blog, and wear cozy sweaters :) 



of abandoned dreams
swirl and slither 
in between.
My mind 
has been infected
and severed.
Tempation blinds me
and I fail 
to see your objective.
For all I know
you may never truly leave.
You control me
you own me.
You've infected me
warped my  thoughts
And yet
I still let you in. 

New Gig

I've been offered another new gig by a new client. She sounds like she will publish her book(s) soon, but she'd like me to translate her first two short children's stories about two different characters.

This is definitely something new to me, since I mainly do song lyrics translation, or product information translation on amazon. However; it is always a good thing to expand your skills.
I admit, I do feel a bit worried about not being able to use the right Japanese, since I haven't read a children's book in ages.. but I will try to get a better grasp of the two stories by the end of the week for sure, since I have other gigs on my plate for now..

This surely an interesting gig. :) 

Blank Mind

I’m lost
in the depths of confusion.

I can’t see
nor hear a sound.
My mind is in ruins.

I try to piece the thoughts back together.
But they are just lost
somewhere in the blinding darkness
of my cluttered mind.

I can’t utter a word.
Only silence escapes my lips
and engolfs me.

In hopes of healing
I write
until I feel the soothing sense of contentment
and release.

In fear
in chaos
and blinded
by the silence inside my head.

I long for words to slip through my lips
to make everything all right again.

"" Your life isn't yours if you care too much about what people think. ""

tumblr positivity page.


You saw right through me
the day we met.

And once again
I thought to myself
If this was going to be another meeting
that I would regret.

Although little did I know
that you were not like the others I've met
For you only showed me generosity and respect.

I will never forget the night we slept
you hold me close to your chest
embracing and consoling me as I wept.

Your love that you've given me
will always be cherished and kept.
I never knew that I'd deserve someone like you.

I promise you
that I can't be any happier.

"A person is only as good as their word" –The Book Thief"

To Me Writing Is..

Writing is like silence unraveling, showing its true colors. A moment when you see a refection of yourself, where you are able to connect deep within yourself.
And writing can also help you see the truth when you don’t want to see it, nor realize it. 

My Views on Writing

Writing helps us find ourselves.
Writing can be a form of therapy.
Writing can save your life.
Writing can change you,

Writing, is like soul searching, only most times, writing helps you  see something or a part of you that you've never felt or realized before. 

"“In the long run, the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit.”
― Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank"
"“Because paper has more patience than people. ”
― Anne Frank"

A Ray of Hope (dedicated to my sister)

Feeling lost and alone
feeling unloved and abounded
You take the blade to your wrist one more time.

You lock yourself up in solitude.
Using the hurt
and replacing it with a sense of release.

I want to show you just how much you mean to me.
You are loved
and you always will be.

I want to guide you away from the depths of depression
I want to be there for you every day
every hour
every second.
Just to show you that you are thought of every waking moment.

You are never alone in this fight.
Let me be there for you to talk you out of suicide.

I want to show you all my love.
Reassure you that you don’t need to hurt yourself anymore.
I want to give you hope that this hell won’t last forever.

You’re strong.
And in time,
I believe you will make it out of this hellhole.
You are really stronger than you think.

And even if you push my away,
my love for you will never change.

"It`s typical of people to keep seeking answers they can`t handle yet"

Insanity 2: Figment by Cameron Jace

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